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GW501516 SARMs Liquid Accelerate Fat Burning Increase Muscular Endurance CAS 317318 70 0

Product Details:
Place of Origin: shanxi
Brand Name: SARMS
Model Number: GW 501516
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 30ml
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Aluminum foil bag, carton or more according to customer requirements
Delivery Time: 3-5 workdays
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 3000l/month 15days

Detail Information

Name: GW501516 CAS: C21H18F3NO3S2
MF: 317318-70-0 Purity: 99.5%
Appearance: Liquid Usage: Accelerates Exercise Muscle Recovery
Delivery Time: 3-5 Workdays
High Light:

GW501516 SARMs Liquid Accelerate


Fat Burning GW501516

Product Description

GW501516 SARMs Liquid Accelerate Fat Burning Increase Muscular Endurance CAS 317318 70 0


What's Cardarine

Cardarine, Yaname GW 501516, Developed in the 90's, Therapeutic anterior column gland Japanese breast tumor. The two most obvious advantages are the increased proof stress and lipolytic ability, the ability to decompose fat, the bodywork, the absurd proof stress, and the absurd proof stress.

GW 501516 Vigorous AMP Vigorous protein Intense skeletal, parallel stimulating bone and skin composition Medium glucose metabolism, total ability transstimulating fatty acid oxidation, cause of prediabetes reversible turnover, prediabetes pre-diabetes conquest, and so on.

GW 50156 Successive recovery and regulation of fuel fat, parallel and increased skeletal skin, glucose-like ability, and increased skeletal and flesh-based transposable characteristics This kind of catabolism change physical new body, advantageous metabolism, fat metabolism, water compound or skin protein, this possible use of fertilizer for patients, low fat, metabolism, metabolism, hypoglycemia, etc. Belly problem.

GW 501516 Reduced increase in skin flesh, immediate use, very high fat, edible small mouse, improved glucose tolerance, low fat mass, this expression GW 501516 possible.

How to use Cardarine

(1) Amount of dosage used

20 symptomatic Cardarine taken daily, the first dose of this kind of compound, the starting point of 10 mg, the low dose of the body, the new material, the good anti-effect, the possible 你 Cycle Periodic 几 heaven nai general amount increase 20mg. 胶 囊 type replacement solution type, causal powder-like encapsulated cardarine comparison solution type change, storage period extended.

(2) Time of use

Cardarine-like half-life period 20-24 small hours, cause, can be used for a long time, plasma can be used for a long time, plasma can be used for a long time, plasma can be used for a long time, plasma can be used for a long time. The best effect of the training, the training of the training, the cardarine used in the semi-small time or the small time of the training, and the exercise of the training.


GW501516 SARMs Liquid Accelerate Fat Burning Increase Muscular Endurance CAS 317318 70 0 0


Commerce Clause

Minimum Order Quantity 30ml
Price Negotiable
Payment Terms Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Bank Transfer;Bitcoin
Packaging Details Discreet and Disguised packing
Delivery time 3-5 workdays
Leading time 3~5 working days after confirming the payment
Delivery By DHL, TNT, FedEx, HKEMS, UPS, etc.(Door to Door)bulk order can be negotiable
Tracking number can be offered to you within 24h
Supply Ability Mass in stock




(GW-501516) binds to PPAR receptors, specifically a group of nuclear receptors that activate PGC-1a enzymes (sensors that detect thyroid and steroid hormones in the body). This action leads to gene expression, especially those around energy expenditure.


Studies involving GW-501516 have all shown increased fatty acid metabolism in experimental mice. In studies using monkeys, data on the use of GW-501516 also showed an increase in HDL (good cholesterol) and a decrease in LDL (bad cholesterol), with or without exercise. GW-501516 will significantly exert its effect.


The effect of GW-501516 is remarkable and it is a popular product for athletes preparing for competition. Increasing muscular endurance is the most incredible effect of PPAR-RA, and those who use GW-501516 will find their endurance greatly improved, will not tire as easily, and will be able to train harder. The cardiovascular endurance enhancement brought about by GW-501516 is very obvious, and it has been shown to solve problems such as tightness and night sweats caused by the effects of trenbolone on the heart. Many people who use Trenbolone respond that breathing becomes a little harder, so doing cardio while using Trenbolone becomes a more difficult task, and GW-501516 can counteract this negative effect.


GW50156 regulates fat burning through multiple mechanisms. It increases glucose uptake by skeletal muscle tissue and increases muscle gene expression, particularly those associated with preferential utilization of lipids. This shift alters the body's metabolism in favor of burning fat for energy, rather than carbohydrates or muscle protein, potentially allowing obese patients to be effective without experiencing muscle catabolism or the effects of low blood lipids and satiety issues Clinical application of fat reduction. D sugar. GW-501516 also increased muscle mass, which improved glucose tolerance and reduced fat accumulation, even in mice fed a very high-fat diet, suggesting that GW-501516 may have protective effects against obesity.



Cardarine was discovered as a result of GSK and Ligand Pharma research collaborations that started in the early 1990's. Interestingly, the compound reached phase 1 trials in 2000 for treatment of lipid strain, and then, it was discontinued in 2008. Nonetheless, today, it is used as a research compound, whilst athletes use it for performance enhancing and fat burning purposes.

Cardarine was primarily developed to treat obesity, diabetes, lipid strain, and heart health problems. As a matter of fact, those who run blood work will notice that cardarine will magically aid with lipid strain, and their cholesterol levels will improve substantially.

Cardarine is used by athletes competing in many different sports. For instance, endurance athletes may increase exercise endurance by stacking this PPAR with the AMP analog drug AICAR, or run cardarine solo. As a result, they will have a greater ability to reach higher RPM's during their runs without hitting the maximum heart rate. This will allow the runner/cyclist/swimmer to cheat their maximum heart rates and go longer without getting winded, making this stack an incredible weapon to use in endurance sports. Actually, from personal experience I can tell that cardarine can knock over 30-45 seconds off a 5K time if used leading up to a race.


GW501516 SARMs Liquid Accelerate Fat Burning Increase Muscular Endurance CAS 317318 70 0 1


Our Company Advantages:

1, High quality with competitive price:

1) Standard: U.S Standard
2) All Purity≥99.8%
3) We are manufacturer and can provide high quality products with factory price.

2, Fast and safe delivery
1) Parcel can be sent out within 8 hours after payment. Tracking number available
2) Secure and discreet shipment. Various transportation methods for your choice.
3) Customs pass rate ≥99.8%
4)We provide re-ship policy.

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2) Meeting customers's requirement is our responsibility.
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Question 1 , How do you pack the order ?
Discreet package , the packing suits you best would be choosen to cross customs safely


Question 2 , What is your shipping method ?
Shipping by express (FedEx,UPS,DHL,EMS,HKEMS,TNT), and cheapest by airmail


Question 3 , if my order seized by custom ,what do you do ?
Resending police if the tracking number do not update online or it sezied by custom


Questions 4 , What is your payment accept ?
Safe and fast payment :Western Union ,Money Gram ,T/T ,Bitcoin


Questions 5 , Will you supply tracking number ?
Yes ,we supply tracking number for following .In general ,once we supply the tracking number to you ,you can track the parcel information within 1-2 business days


Question 6 , How many days will it take to my country after I do the payment ?
In general ,fastest with 3-5 business , slowest 5-7 business days


Packaging & Service:

1. Mass stock, to make sure delivery promptly every day when the payment is done.
2. Having been engaged in this field for years, we have sophisticated and professional logistics department, which can guarantee safe and speedy delivery.
3. Well-trained and disciplined packing team which is professional enough to provide you a safe package. It also avoid a lot of emergency happen during the delivery so that high customs pass is guaranteed. Unique ways to ship 10grams to 20 kilograms powders(or 100ml to 30 Liter liquids) at one time to your destination.
4. Packing pictures and tacking number are provided within 24 hours as soon as receiving the payment. Updated tracking code will be provided every other day just for you can hold a palm of your package.
5. Perfect after-sale service: Any questions or problems happened after receiving the product.
Please feel free to contact us. 24/7 online to solve your various problems!

GW501516 SARMs Liquid Accelerate Fat Burning Increase Muscular Endurance CAS 317318 70 0 2


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